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Onward and Upward - June 16, 2014

With the Sandy and Layton Amphitheater concerts behind us (and they were incredibly awesome and fun), we are setting out for more adventures this summer!

Please spread the word and come to a concert near you.  We are heading to Kansas City, IA, ID, PA, VA, ME, WY, WA, OR, CO, NC and hopfully many more places as we keep touring!

Make sure to pick up an advanced copy of our new CD at one of our live shows.  We will be officially releasing this CD in the fall - so keep you eyes and ears open!  Thanks

Me-oh-my-oh, don't despair! - February 23, 2014

You know what's awesome? 

Well, yeah, three-day-banja-thons in the deepest hills of ol' Virginia (a.k.a. Mirkwood) - those are awesome.  But We're talking about the next thing:

Having awesome choirs and orchestras from around the country work out arrangements to your songs and sing/play them with you when you come to visit.  It's like "Oh, hey uncle Chester, thanks for coming over.  I've worked up a harmony banjo part to your original banjo song "Purty Mouth", and I wanna jam on it with you".

It's awesome like that.  Most recently, the good peopl eof Arizona graced us with their mad skills.  Also Wisconsin, Utah, and Texas. 

We enjoyed being in all those places.  After a quick visit to Folk Alliance in Kansas City (not in Kansas), we're looking forward to many more stops in this great country of ours, and we hope to have more choirs and orchestras jam with us while we do.

Like the majestic goose... - January 28, 2014

What do we do in January?  We head south, friend.  California.  Arizona.  That's how we roll.

Then to Denver.  Oops.  Oh well.  I hear there's plenty of recreation to be had in Colorado, even in the winter.

If you're cold where you are, come find us on the road!  Shimmy-shake your way to warm!

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